Finding Redemption in the Movies

Ecclesiastes 3:11 suggests that we come ready-made to understand the greatest story, the epic story of an enemy’s betrayal, the fight between the destroyer and the redeemer, something lost and the journey to recovery, a hero coming to rescue, and ultimate restoration. The Larger Story is the story of the gospel, with Scripture providing the back-story (the truth) behind every meaningful story. Great movies speak to that ready-made part of us because story is the language of the heart.

Finding Redemption in the Movies is the second release in the God and the Arts series, a new small-group Bible study experience from Serendipity House. Each film drives two group meetings, a "Dinner and a Movie" conversation and a Bible study. Redemption is the central theme of the Larger Story. Your group will learn to pay attention to the great redemption stories that only borrow from the greatest redemption story.