More: Job: A Messy Faith

Job’s life became a train wreck; he struggled deeply with God. Unaware of events in the unseen realm, he was embroiled in a story far bigger than he realized. Job’s story demonstrates that the life of faith is messy—raw. Our relationship with God is not fragile. Job poured out his hurt, anger, doubts, and disappointments to God ... and God loved Him for it!

For those who will take the unfamiliar paths out of their comfort zones, and for those who have eyes to see, the Book of Job has so much to offer. As we reach beyond just another formula for the age old problem of suffering, what we discover is a raw, messy, redemptive journey into which God is inviting us.

The MORE series acknowledges story as the language of the heart; without it we can miss the wonder and power of the message. If we're going to truly see God's heart and ignite our own hearts, we must engage the story, not just the factual propositions. The essence of the whole is more than the sum of it's parts.