Stop the Madness: Finding Freedom from Addictions

Stop the Insanity and Find Freedom!

We all want to be free-to really enjoy life. Every one of us, even Christians, experience pain and emptiness at times. But we often turn to the wrong things to numb the pain or escape for just a little while. Addictions come in all shapes and sizes. Our “drug of choice” might be anything: spending, alcohol, drugs, pornography, affairs, food, people, jobs, even Christian service. The end result is the same: we're trapped and we just can't break free, no matter what we do.

Stop the Madness is a unique experiential resource designed for small groups, support groups, or recovery ministries. Find the path to healing and freedom with this fresh, transforming approach to the time-tested 12 Step process. Real, lasting change comes from the inside out. Within a community of fellow strugglers, making use of divinely powerful weapons, we can stop the insanity and experience freedom.