Recovering from Divorce: Overcoming the Death of a Dream

Find a Place of Hope Where God Can Heal Your Life

None of us got married with the hope of heartbreaks, shattered dreams, and divorce court. Because divorce is nothing short of a death, there is grieving with a whole host of emotions and struggles. Recovering From Divorce will walk you through the experiences, feelings, and struggles that are common to divorce. It will guide you to a place of hope where God can rebuild the pieces of your broken life. Together with others who are going through the agonies of divorce, you'll explore:

  • Upheaval of Loss
  • Through the Fog of Depression
  • Closing the Jaws of Anger
  • The Freedom of Forgiveness
  • Rising from Worry's Paralysis
  • Redeeming Your Suffering
  • Loneliness & New Relationships
  • A New Path to Contentment